Honda’s Fuel Efficient Bike – Honda Hornet CB 160 R

The Honda bikes are gaining popularity and every year they launch various bikes which are having amazing features and launched with the advanced features. For the ones who are looking for the bikes with the latest features can opt to the given below information. The information provides an overview of Honda hornet price and its features and specifications.

Honda Hornet

Honda Hornet Price – When it comes to Honda Hornet price, then the price of this bike varies from 85 to 93lakh. Although the price is different for the different range of models.

Honda Hornet Mileage – The Honda Hornet has a powerful engine is equipped with  HET technology which offers you a good mileage as compared to other bikes. This bike offers an amazing mileage of that varies from 59kmpl to 60kmpl.

Specifications of Honda Hornet   

  • The Honda Hornet is equipped with a fuel tank of 12 liters capacity.
  • The bike offers a maximum power of around 15 bhp @ 8500 rpm.
  • The bike is equipped with a five-speed gearbox.
  • The weight of this bike is about 140 kg
  • The height of the bike is around is 790nm
  • The bike offers a maximum torque of 50 NM @ 6500rpm.
  • The engine of this bike offers a displacement of around 162.7cc.

Honda Hornet

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Features of Honda Hornet

  • This Honda Hornet is launched in four variants which are Honda CB Hornet 160R STD, Honda CB Hornet 160R CBS, Honda CB Hornet 160R ABS STD, Honda CB Hornet 160R ABS.
  • This bike offers a top speed of around 115kmph
  • The Honda Hornet bike is launched with a combo braking system along with equalizer which imparts the maximum stability to this bike.
  • The bike has launched with the features of a sports bike, still, the Honda Hornet price is affordable as compared to another sporty bike of Honda
  • The rear brake size is of this bike is 130nm and front brake size is  276 nm,
  • This bike is launched with LED Tail lamplight   and digital Fuel Gauge
  • It has a diamond type frame which makes this bike different from other bikes.
  • It is launched in five colors Orange, Black, Red, White, Grey

Honda Hornet

There are many bikes which are launched with the latest and amazing features. The information given above gives an overview of Honda  CB Hornet 160R price and its features.